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Image by Breno Assis

Seeking management services
for your portfolio?

Property Type

If applicable, please upload exterior as well as interior images (i.e. entrance, living/dining, kitchen, second floor (if applicable), basement (if applicable), bathrooms and bedrooms.

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Desired lease term for the property(s) to be leased under?
Are you aware that initial cleaning, carpet cleaning, paint touch up, yard maintenance and re-key can be as much as $500-$2,500 or more?
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
Do you have the funds for the maintenance reserve of $1,000?
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
Can you afford bi-weekly cleaning and Landry services for the property(s)? This can range from $100-$500 per visit.
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
If there is a large expense, during the inspection of your property(s) during the onboarding process, are you financially able to pay this amount?
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
Will you allow tenants to have pets in the property(s)?
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
Are you ok with upgrading to keyless entry lock systems? If applicable
(Leave unchecked if not sure)
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